FuelMatrix is a software company developing tools to help operators to optimise fuel loads, resulting in
substantial savings in both operational costs and CO2 emissions. The proprietary products have been tested by several airlines and FuelMatrix is now at a stage where the company is being built and external investors are sought in order to launch the company on the global market.

We are working with the shareholders and management of FuelMatrix, to assist in building the corporate structure and implementing the commercial strategy. This includes recruitment of key personnel, the provision of interim management services and servicing on the board of directors.


The MRU is an Intergovernmental Institution comprising of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Cote d'Ivoire in West Africa. The Organisation aims to strengthen the capacity of Member States to integrate their economies and coordinate development programs in the areas of peace building, as a prerequisite to any development, trade promotion, development of industry, energy, agriculture, natural resources, transport and telecommunications, monetary and financial affairs in short, all aspects of economic and social life of the Member States.

We are working to draw up an infrastructure development programme, including a regional airline and the development of national airports.


A Macaw executive acted as interim CEO for Swissport’s UK cargo business, with the objective of turning around a failing business. The project included a complete turnaround plan based on the recruitment of a
new management team, customer relationship management, staff motivation, union negotiation and financial rebuilding.

The result was a reduction of 50% of the company’s cost in the first 12 months. It reconnected with the staff and utilised an inclusive approach to achieve culture change and with it substantial cost savings through variations
to rostering and the introduction of proper cost controls and without losing any substantial customers.


The Place Resort is situated at Tokeh Beach just south of the Sierra Leone capital Freetown on the Atlantic coast. It can be found in the area known as the Western Area Peninsula which features miles of beautiful white sandy beaches.

The Place consists of premier suites, a top restaurant and conference facilities. It is designed to cater for holidays, conferences, workshops, meetings, retreats, weddings and private parties.

A Macaw team member has been engaged on a long-term project, to manage the overall process of successfully designing, building, launching and managing this new premiere beach resort.


Terrapinn offers a wide range of professional training courses designed to add skills and strategic edge to its participants. The course content is always fresh, never generic and continually updated to ensure our curriculum reflects the diverse landscape of innovation across Energy & Resources, Life Sciences, Telecoms, Finance & Investment, Enterprise Technology and more.

Our team develop and deliver a range of high level, specialist courses for Terrapinn on a global basis. The concept is based on an expert taking the attendees through the complexities of the many various issues, challenges and opportunities covered by the course.


One of Macaw’s executive consultants worked for Deutsche Bank (EMEA Corporate Real Estate) to build a ‘knowledge cube’ for the sourcing team, which comprised of a sourcing process, standard sourcing and analysis templates and contracts.

The project resulted in framework agreements for the sourcing of M+E, cost, design & project consultants and architects. It concluded tenders for Facilities Management services (soft and hard services) in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Moscow and Istanbul. Achieved over £0.7m of savings.